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Mechanical sowing had come up as a big relief for farmers initially but later on farmers started feeling the need of a more precise sowing system because of a number of drawbacks of conventional sowing system. Due to uneven spacing in the plantation done by mechanical sowing, the yield gets reduced. Depth of seed also remains uneven, which also effects the growth of plants.

Now, National Agro Industries has developed a new kind of planter, known as National Pneumatic Planter. This new sowing system has everything which is needed for today's Precise farming needs. It can sow seeds with far more precision than mechanical planter and leaves no room for flaws such as uneven spacing and depth. Seed sowing speed of pneumatic planter is also higher than the traditional mechanical planters; it saves valuable time during sowing seasons.

Pneumatic planter works on principle of Air suction. The air is sucked through a rotating disc having various holes, each seed coming in contact with disc holes sticks to the holes and then released at the desired place. Since seed is lifted by air suction, so there is no mechanical damage to the seeds.

National Pneumatic planter comes with an option of fertilizer application. The fertilizer rate is very easy to adjust. Separate fertilizer tines are provided to place fertilizer at desired distance and depth in accordance to the placement of seeds.

National Pneumatic planter comes with a new kind of seed metering system which can sow various types of crops with the help of special discs according to the size and shape of seeds. It can sow variety of seeds such as maize, cotton, groundnut, sunflower, soybean, sugar beat, chickpea, guar etc. The seed metering unit comes with a built in seed singulation system to maintain the exact count of the seeds and to avoid doubling.

Relative seed depth is very much required for uniform growth of the crop and maximum yield, to ensure this in undulating soil, the individual planting units have auto level adjusting parallelogram system and depth control wheels.

Each seeding unit has its own clod remover to remove any type of soil clods or leftover straw and provides a leveled bed before seed placement.

For quick and easy setting of plant to plant distance a gearbox is provided.

To maintain proper row to row spacing after every turn, a pair of easy set and adjustable markers is provided.

National Pneumatic planter is available in several row configurations

Specifications for National Pneumatic Planter
Available in 2, 4, 6 Rows
Seed Metering Vertical Rotating Disc Pneumatic Seed Picking
Fertilizer Metering Fluted Roller
Hitching 3 Point Linkage
Frame Strong and Robust
Row Space 24" standard, 12" min and adjustable
Drive PTO Driven
Sowing Depth Adjustable (Depth Control wheels are provided)
Furrow Openers Shovels for sowing in tilled/prepared fields
Type Tractor Mounted

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